Company Profile

Shanghai Yimai Industrial Co., LTD is composed of water and Industrial electrical equipment sales department sales department a set research and development, manufacture and sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises, the company mainly produces all kinds of water pump, variable frequency water supply and drainage equipment, sewage treatment and all kinds of Industrial electrical products such as complete sets of equipment. Production base is located in Shanghai jinshan industrial economic development zone, covers an area of 56000 square meters.

Yimai as the backbone of the domestic water pump and motor industry enterprises, and brings together dozens of industry experts and engineers, the company enterprise forward to innovation and development as a driving force, with creativity and persistence as the essence of enterprise culture, learning and development. Perfect r&d system involve art took in a number of national key project research and development, the company now has dozens of national patents. Company's leading manufacturing standards, strict quality control system and the rigorous work style, to keep the customer behavior of permanent absolute honesty and integrity, in the industry won a good reputation and word-of-mouth.

Yimai products involved in the electric power enterprise, municipal engineering, real estate, etc. Extensive field. Company by the British national quality assurance UKASISO - 9001 quality management system certification, UKASISO - 14001 environmental management system certification, electrical products 3 c certification, exports to the eu CE certification, electrical and electronic products comply with ROHS directive. With fire fighting equipment production license, domestic water equipment hygiene license certificate, and was named the city contract and credit AAA enterprise. Company has repeatedly to participate in the national key fluid control technology research and development of the project, the products sell well in domestic market and exported to many countries overseas.

Yimai willing to "focus, professional services" business philosophy, to provide you with the best quality products and the most reasonable solution, advancing with The Times, common development.

CEO Speech

Shanghai Yimai Industrial Co., LTD was established in 2011 in August, for other colleagues enterprises in this field, we are a new company, the young enterprise. But our growth is growing by leaps and bounds! From the initial startup to realize collectivization operation, we passed a struggle road paved with blood and sweat. We thank the social from all walks of life to Yimai's strong support and selfless love, thank you for hard work in various positions of dedicated employees.

A person only self-confidence and efforts to make their achievement, an enterprise. The vast business, thousand boat race. Confidence makes us in the competition and development, opportunities and challenges of environment more confidence, let us learn to down-to-earth hard and unremitting pursuit. Companies with these two points, the development of the root. It makes the enterprise in each and every one in life and work in the glaring light of humanity, wisdom, make our partners and we as one hundred times more confidence to meet the future. This is our wealth, also is our value, but also we provide customers with quality service for each motivation and beliefs. This confidence comes from the solid professional and perfect service management system, the company always pursues the principle and goal; This is the company's business philosophy "professional, dedicated service".

I look forward to more and we have the same values Yi Mai talents can join the team.

Also we hope that through the above simple introduction, allowing you to have a preliminary step for arts knowledge and understanding. Yi Mai is one such business: down to earth, integrity management, and constantly improve the professional and services, to create maximum value for our customers and all participants in the value chain. We look forward to working with you closer communication and exchange.